The Show

Edgy, entertaining and enlightening, Me, Myself & HIV follows the lives of two twenty-somethings – Slim; an aspiring DJ and music producer from Zambia, and Angelikah; a college student from the USA – both living with HIV.

The show follows them as they tell their stories from the very beginning: why they decided to get tested, to the aftermath of getting their results, right through to the present day where we get to see the complicated layer HIV can sometimes add when it comes to everyday lifestyle choices such as dating, work, friends and the future.

In this one-off special see how Angelikah’s status affects her relationship with her boyfriend Taylor, and how Slim deals with going out on a date with a girl he really likes and revealing his HIV status to her.

Remember, if you have any questions, you can ask Angelikah or Slim.

If you have a question about HIV or sex then you can ask our guest doctor, who is on hand to help.

Behind The Scenes

Angelikah on her relationship with Taylor

Angelikah on the side effects of her meds

Slim talks about living a positive life

Slim gets a new haircut and talks about his date

Slim talks openly on his feelings for Carol