HIV is transmitted through blood, sexual fluids and mother to child


60% of people living with HIV don’t know they’re infected


There are 33 million people living with HIV globally


Every 12 seconds someone is newly infected with HIV


80% of all HIV transmission is sexual transmission of HIV


People aged 15-24 account for 40% of new HIV infections worldwide


HIV is not transmitted through tears, sweat, saliva or mosquitoes

What have you been up to since shooting Me, Myself and HIV? Are still pursuing a career in social work?

Yep, I’m still at school studying for that and things are going well. I’m also volunteering for the Aliveness Project, which is a local HIV project in Minneapolis.

What impact do you feel being filmed on the show had on you?

Um, I’m not really sure about the impact it had, I mean, if anything I thought it was a really fun- it was definitely an experience.

What are three passions that help you manage and/or positively channel the stress of your status?

Well on top of my school work I currently have loads of hobbies that I use to destress when I want to take my mind off things. I currently am enrolled in a welding and sculpture class which is really cool, I make Electro-Punk music with one of my friends which is also really fun and lastly I love art and in particular really like drawing.

What was the reaction of those closest to you when you first revealed your status to them?

Well, the first day I found out, I actually told everyone, I announced it to the world as I just felt that was the best way I could possibly deal with it. To be honest apart from one of my friends, I didn’t receive any negative reactions to it at all. I do think it was because I was so open about it, from day one I was shouting it from the streets and I think that really challenged people’s opinions of what HIV is and who it affects. I also hope that me coming forward and talking openly about it will encourage others to do the same.

In relation to your former friend who deserted you after she discovered your positive status; is there one thing you wish to say to her or others who have may acted out in a similar way?

Actually after the show was shot I actually made amends with her. She really hurt me with some of the things she said about my status – but she was also in a bad place herself and I know she’s sorry and didn’t mean it. But to those who people think that HIV is a million miles from them, or think that they have the right to judge someone for their status I would ask: Have you ever had unprotected sex, because if you have, even just once then you have been put at risk and even if you haven’t got HIV it could have easily happened to you. It’s just unfortunate that it happened to me.

What role specifically has your friend (who was featured in the show) played in helping you deal with being HIV+?

He has just been there for me – there’s not much else I can say about it, but he has always been there when I’ve needed him.

Before meeting Taylor did you ever think it would be possible to have a healthy and strong, sexual relationship with someone who was not HIV+?

Yes, I did because I know it shouldn’t matter, but at the same time I know how stigma can influence people